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Wellspring Lutheran Services
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Harmony Beef
Brickfire Bakery
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What’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it well? We strive to be the best we can be at what we do and pass the benefit of that expertise on to our clients. Everything we do comes from the perspective of empathy, curiosity and creativity.


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    We're excited to announce the launch of an updated brand identity and new website for Kalamazoo Anesthesiology and KA Pain Consultants. Learn more about this incredible organization at #NKDesign #Branding #WebDesign #Kalamazoo


    We're a proud sponsor of @kzoosmweek this year! You won't want to miss NK's Kito Jumanne-Marshall and her keynote on "Fairy Tale Branding: Make Brands, Not Make Believe." Registration ends tomorrow, so don't wait: #TeamNK #KZOOSMWEEK…


    Loved working with the K-Wings on their campaign this season and the support Kalamazoo has shown for this great organization. #winning…
    We might have a light crew on Monday... #TeamNK #agencylife
    Thursday's whiteboard inspiration. Is your brand unique, believable, relevant, and sustainable?
    The NK pond has grown into something more... Come visit the expansive shores of Lake NK this Spring! #AdventureAwaits #LakeNK #TeamNK
    Happy Birthday, Tyler. Never grow up, just keep on growing weird. #TeamNK #agencylife
    Finishing touches.
    Happy Birthday to our Creative Director, Mandy! Have fun hanging out with your special birthday buddy, Lainey. #TeamNK