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We help businesses build better brands through intentionality, strategic thinking and inspired design.

High River Angus
Cobblestreet MKT
Wellspring Lutheran Services
Goodwill of Southwestern Michigan


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What’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it well? We strive to be the best we can be at what we do and pass the benefit of that expertise on to our clients. Everything we do comes from the perspective of empathy, curiosity and creativity.


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    NK's Creative Director Colin Metcalf has opinions. You want to know what feeds his fire? Let him tell you:


    Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web! 30 looks good on you. #Web30 #NKnow


    Hearing from the experts at the Restaurants Canada Show 🇨🇦#rcshow19
    Introducing Old Tyler™, expertly distilled to the finest state. #TeamNK
    Congrats to Katie, the Chili Champ of NK! Her secret ingredient? She’ll never tell 🤐 #TeamNK
    When you ask for a spicy photo shoot, we deliver.
    Twice the birthday = twice the party. Happy birthday to Karen and Katie! #TeamNK
    Say hey to the newest face of NK! Clara Jones joins us as an accomplished account manager with a deep passion for the art of communication. Welcome aboard! #TeamNK
    “I just helped someone get the results they need!” Happy Birthday to the always quotable Lindsay Broveleit. #TeamNK