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Celebrating 30 Years!

Since NK’s beginnings in 1989, our vision has been clear – care enough to make it easy for our clients to work with NK.

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We serve as a direct extension of your marketing team – partnering to deliver creative solutions that spark positive outcomes. Driven by empathy, ownership, and resourcefulness, our team works harder for your brand so your brand can work harder for you.


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    Introducing the newest NK designed website: While this senior living property is still in development, the new site is already hard at work with several lots sold through leads generated on the website within the first few days after launch.


    Why should B2B manufacturers care about brand storytelling? For starters, 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to make a purchase if they connect emotionally to a brand. Read on for more benefits of B2B brand storytelling in the latest NK blog:… #branding


    Are you prepared to make the most out of the nutrition facts label change? Here are 3 reasons why now is the perfect time to evaluate your packaging, beyond just the new label: #NKnow
    We know we must evolve and adapt without losing sight of who we are at our core. Read about our vision for the future in the link in our bio
    Get to know NK: Sandy, our CEO - The Positive Visionary. Sandy’s partner does almost all of the cooking.
    Get to know NK: Lexi, a Content Strategy & Account Management Intern. Lexi climbed the Great Wall of China right before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    Get to know NK: Kim, an Account Manager - The Crafty Creator. Kim learned how to surf at the age of 13 while at Kiawah Island.
    Get to know NK: Dave, a Project and Packaging Specialist - The Coach of Many Courts. Dave plays basketball every Wednesday night from 9-10:30 p.m.
    Get to know NK: Tyler, the President - The Dream Builder. Tyler has three tattoos and has broken zero bones.