Breaking News: How Will the Federal Nutrition Facts Label Delays Affect You?

Breaking News: How Will the Federal Nutrition Facts Label Delays Affect You?

Anyone expecting timely finalization of the USDA’s Proposed Revision of the Nutrition Facts Labels will be surprised to find it on the inactive list. Any further decision is delayed until at least next summer.

Many NK clients, and food industry leaders, are already implementing the new FDA label explained here, which specifically applies to non-meat products.

The what of the FDA version is set; it’s only the when of the compliance date that’s still TBD. But now, for the comparable USDA version, both the what and when are up for debate.

So what to do? You don’t have to feel left in the dark when faced with regulatory delays. There are still plenty of proactive, safe and effective marketing moves you can make now to ensure your packaging sits in the best light:

  1. Assess & Plan. Work with your regulatory team to determine when and how to transition all products to the new Nutrition Facts panel based on your specific formulas and processes.
  2. Move Forward Where Possible. For a majority of non-meat products, it’s generally a smart idea to follow the market leaders and move forward with the new label.
  3. Think Big. Of course how well your product sells is as critical as compliance. Plan now to implement any necessary reformulations, re-packaging, and revamping of brand messaging in the face of consumer expectations that are here to stay:
    • Awareness of calorie and sugar limits
    • Acceptance of “good” fats
    • Sound bite-style info

Will your action plan involve a brand identity refresh? New marketing copy based on updated claims? A need to better utilize revised packaging space?

Whatever it may be, start by calling on the experts at NK as your sounding board and partner in strategy.

Get in touch and revitalize your brand.

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