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The FDA has changed the Nutrition Label. Stay ahead with these 3 Steps.

The FDA has changed the Nutrition Label. Stay ahead with these 3 Steps.

Fact: The industry hasn’t seen a labeling change like this since 1999.

Fact: Manufacturers will need to use the new label by July 26, 2018.

Fact: NK will help you through this!

Wondering how the Nutrition Facts label change will affect you, and what to do first? Ever since FDA published the final ruling, NK has been preparing to help you through. Here’s our advice.

New Label Highlights


While you can clearly see the Nutrition Label updates (above), experts are beginning to understand the hidden impacts of all new regulations:

  • Claims
  • Serving Sizes
  • Spacing Allotment (dual column format)
  • Brand Repositioning

More than a facelift, the new label requires manufacturers to calculate and track additional nutritional data. This, in turn, can impact the product identity, allowable claims, packaging configuration, and overall market positioning.

Action 1: Categorize label impact (data and graphics) per SKU


Plan conversion timelines now – so you can welcome the July 26, 2018 deadline with confidence.

  • Some companies are targeting critical items first; others are beginning with the easiest (lowest impact) conversions
  • Best practice is to coordinate label updates with other anticipated packaging changes
  • Establish an efficient review process between regulatory, marketing, purchasing, and other impacted departments

Action 2: Schedule a conversion timeline per SKU


When you’re ready to go, nothing should stop you!

NK partners with clients to expedite labeling updates with the most efficiency and accuracy.

We can help you better understand and implement:

  • Scope of Impact (New Nutrition Facts Panel vs. Current)
  • Data Needed vs. Actionable Updates
  • Formatting Best Practices
  • New Nutrient Claims Style Guide
  • Additional Marketing Strategy to Maximize Brand Success

Action 3: Go with the right partner:

Connect with us today




Note: Newhall Klein does not represent the FDA. Please visit this site for more details on the new ruling.

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July 14, 2016

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