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6 Steps to Error-Free

6 Steps to Error-Free

In a world where digital reviews race along and artwork is rushed to the finish line, it’s easy to assume everything’s right. But the only way to avoid paying later for mistakes that are missed today is to build a robust process of evaluation.

That’s why NK has taken our Quality Control role very seriously from Day 1. Clients count on us to lend expert eyes on every piece of artwork that goes out the door, trusting us to:

  • Streamline the review process and expedite approvals
  • Secure their reputation by sighting red flags before they escalate
  • Avoid the cost of error remediation while boosting brand reputation

Tricks of the Trade

Along the way, we’ve learned some cool tricks of the QC trade. Here are six of them.

1. Stay Focused

Science proves that multitasking is a myth. While we’d love to say that you can plan your trip to outer space while reviewing a cheese label – or even check your messages while verifying an “all natural” claim – you’ll save time in the long run when you focus upfront.

2. Build Dedication

You can’t expect a single person to have a 360° view of a work – especially if they created it, which is a huge task on its own. Have a dedicated reviewer check against a set of criteria and verify assumptions. Someone who is trained to spot:

  • Typographical errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Graphic errors
  • Mechanical errors
  • Critical regulatory errors
  • Deviations from brand norms
  • Missed marketing opportunities

3. Be Like a Tree

When your core process – or trunk – is strong, you can branch out and respond to new feedback as needed. Establish solid artwork review workflows to build efficiencies and minimize the risk of error. At the same time, be nimble enough to adapt based on dynamic project inputs – while staying true to the root principles and standards.

4. Shift Perspectives

Review artwork multiple times. Within a single review, that means considering copy in one go-through, for example, and graphics in another. Examine each item individually, and then compare them all as a group. As a rule of thumb, anything that demands perfection requires two intentional reviews at a minimum – by the same person at two different times, or by two reviewers simultaneously.

5. Huddle Up

Review in person. Even with a robust online proofing system established at NK, we still gather around printouts and debate the finer points of the creative process as we work towards perfection. And for print, remember it’s not done until you’ve checked printer proofs – digital and, even better, hard color proofs and ink draw-downs.

6. Don’t Fall Flat

As NK’s David Winclechter recently learned firsthand at Pack Expo in Chicago, 3D renderings are a powerful tool for helping every stakeholder see all sides of the package upfront and avoid costly surprises. It’s standard practice here at NK to incorporate 3D mockups in our creative process as we evaluate brand logistics and competitive merit to our clients’ advantage.

To learn more about NK’s suite of services and be on your way to error-free, contact us today.

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May 03, 2019

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