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7 Marketing Mistakes That Will Scare Any Foodservice Buyer

7 Marketing Mistakes That Will Scare Any Foodservice Buyer

You’ve seen these before … or have you? Laugh with us. Scream with us. And keep doing the good work of getting your brand on track with us.

1. Assuming your consumer strategy will translate unmodified to the foodservice industry.

Going right from the supermarket shelf to the back of the chef’s house can be downright scary for sales. You don’t need a fortune teller to predict foodservice success – just deep insight and sound strategy.

2. Breaking your brand promise.

This can cause boardroom nightmares on the level of Velveeta oozing into a vegan menu.

Or more specifically, like Chipotle touting “Being Real” with “Real Ingredients” and then being unable to trace the source of tainted produce.

3. Forgetting your grammatical manners.

Let’s eat mummy. Or rather: Let’s eat, mummy. Or Grandmummy. You get the point: Commas can save lives. Mind the rules before you break them.

4. Abandoning your social content until it reads like “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.

Stale social media content is like inviting your prospective buyer to feast on a festive spread … after the party is over. Way over.

5. Ghosting a potential buyer or employee.

Imagine handing out whole chocolate bars one year and then having no trick-or-treaters return the next. Too often, we overlook the actions of potential buyers and employees who are already in our circle in our rush to expand it. Now that’s frightening.

6. Butchering a logo.

You know it when you see it. Look away, quickly!

7. Making your customers say your name three times in a mirror to see you.

The biggest, most gruesome mistake of all is not having a marketing strategy – or not enough of one. Many foodservice buyers are eager for new ideas and relevant solutions, if they only knew where to turn.

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October 28, 2021

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