9 Things to Think About When Refreshing Your Brand

9 Things to Think About When Refreshing Your Brand

1. Look back to create the future. Try to remember what and why your current brand logo looks the way it does. Use history to move forward.

2. Facts tell. Stories sell. What’s the story behind your brand? While facts are important to have, it’s the journey of the brand that consumers are interested in joining. Use only necessary details mixed with anecdotes to draw people in and show them what makes you unique.

3. Be surprising; stay familiar. When making changes to any brand, it is important that they are bold enough for consumers to notice the difference. However, especially for brands with high equity, it is also necessary to stay true to the brand’s past. This keeps consumers from wondering if formulas have changed, the company is different, or just deciding to move onto another product.

4. Strategy over style. Remember your money is better spent on “strategy” over stylistic changes. Plan the path to the future and what these brand changes will represent to your customers in the long run, instead of concentrating on how it will look today.

5. Create systems, not one-offs. Think of everything the brand appears on and make sure it follows a system. Don’t create everything in a bubble.

NK redesigned the NETA brand:

6. Simple is not easy. Refining or simplifying a brand after many years of implementation to bring it back to the core values takes more time and effort than you would think.

7. Passion, patience and perseverance. Don’t give up. If the reason for the refresh is valid, use your passion to push through the roadblocks and you will create something great.

8. Be brave, be true. Upon revealing the new look to the public, be confident that you made the right choices for the right reasons.

GAP's logo debacle -- what to avoid:

9. Head, hand and heart. If you considered your customer throughout every step of the rebrand process: their head will find you, their hand will hold you and their heart will love you.

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