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Custom Photography Checklist

Custom Photography Checklist

As you plan your next photo shoot, consider these 5 things.

Your branded photography plays a leading role in your marketing content. While it must be beautiful and appetizing and inspiring, it is also a pragmatic player in your asset library. And as any seasoned foodservice marketer knows, we must be as efficient as possible in creating branded assets! As you’re planning your custom photo shoot and your shot list, consider adding the following to your checklist.

  1. Conveys a sense of broad category selection so the operator is left with the impression that you can offer good, better, and best quality.
  1. Shows versatility of menu application along with varietals of product, like size, format, and flavor.
  1. Effectively cross-merchandises with relevant brands in your portfolio.
  1. Illustrates daypart relevancy and both on-premise and off-premise viability.
  1. Results in custom and intentional photography that will work for multiple distribution channels – like point of sale, digital advertising, social media, email, and so on. Could it even work in still-frame to supplement your video footage?

Shooting custom photography can set you apart from other foodservice brands. It’s worth getting right.

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December 02, 2021

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