Meeting Frenzied? Take a Road Trip.

Ok, so two of my colleagues and I took a road trip to Ohio recently and had an incredible time. In the car. Of course we talked about a lot of things business and personal. But that’s the point! We had 4 hours there and back again the next day to spend “car captured” time together. Not only did we discuss business projects and generate ideas (at one point was laughing so hard I was crying), but we discovered more about Tyler’s uncanny sense of humor and Kait’s passion for singing, and well - life in general. And, the two of them very graciously put up with my “nostalgia” tour through Chagrin Falls and Solon, Ohio, a place close to our appointments where I grew up. A fine cocktail with the three Dave's we met at Rick’s Café (a whole other blog topic), and a wonderful dinner at Game Keeper’s Tavern topped the night off.

It was refreshing, insightful and fun! The appointments were successful, thanks to the entire NK group. Back to the regular grind, it occurred to me that we should take this trip on good advice: If you feel like you are meeting to death, in a routine rut, take your meeting on the road. Get out of the office. Give your meeting a fresh venue. The results are amazing.

You just may generate new solutions, ideas, head space – oh, and clients!!!

What works for you?

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  • Wednesday, December 01, 2010.

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