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Perfecting the One-Pager

Perfecting the One-Pager

Creating a sell sheet that converts is knowing your audience.

The sell sheet basically has “For the Buyer” written all over it. Yet in a typical foodservice scene – where orders are rapidly unloaded as inventory is assessed on the fly – you have to get through the distributor first.

Upgrade your sell sheet to become a prime vehicle for the sales rep to have relevant, off-the-cuff conversations with chefs, operators, owners … whoever happens to be pushing send on the orders.

Leverage the full power of the one-pager to answer the rep’s most basic need for flexibility – actionable info in a format they can pass directly to the buyer. The sell sheet’s very simplicity is what keeps it relevant. Its utility for the sales rep is what makes it worth getting right.

The Anatomy of a Sell SheetPerfectingThe1Pager InfoGraphic

1. Logo

Should it be the hero, or a trusted endorser? That depends on how well-established your brand has become in the market you’re trying to reach. In every case, leave room for the product benefits to shine.

2. Big-Hook Headline

The sales rep has 1000 things on their mind. Maybe they’ll scan the sheet and catch 20% of it. And then, when they’re in front of their customers, how much of the message will they actually recall and reiterate? Much more if the headline is memorable.

3. Product Name

Clearly identify the basic category, use, and benefits.

4. Supporting Content

Immediately answer: Why should I care? Use subheads, callouts, and captions to pay off the headline. Back up your promise with stats. Highlight use cases and profitability tips.

5. Photography

Use high-quality imagery that showcases your product’s top applications. Visual context goes a long way to reassure foodservice buyers with multiple logistical concerns that “this product’s for me.”

6. Product Specs

Focus on benefits-at-a-glance over a laundry list of details. Prove how the product solves the buyer’s top concerns, e.g. labor-strapped, need for quality speed-scratch and takeout options.

7. SKU List

Keep product lists & details basic, as the sell sheet may be used across varying distributors and ordering systems.

8. Call to Action

Connect buyers back to the rep to close the sale or to your foodservice landing page, if you have one.

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February 14, 2023

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