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Spring Cleaning for Foodservice Marketers

Spring Cleaning for Foodservice Marketers

It’s a compelling time to assess what’s growing in your foodservice marketing plot – from predictable old-growth programs to fast-spreading offshoots that seem to have a life of their own.

The clearer your intentions, the stronger the results. Here are five ways to renew your focus for the marketing season ahead.

1. Shore up your strategic work:

  • Polish your content calendar, reviewing high performers to apply learnings
  • Scrub your scorecard formats, revisiting to hit only those KPIs that matter most
  • Make notes on the strategic priorities you set out to accomplish this year – so you’re well-prepared for next year’s planning phase

2. Refresh your content at key sales and marketing touchpoints for relevance to the modern operator:

  • Allergen friendliness (it’s now the “Big 9”)
  • New menu applications and recipe concepts – focus on ideas and inspiration, not recipes
  • Competitive comparisons – think food cost equations and profit potential for the operator

3. Remove links that go to dated brand properties:

  • Social pages that aren’t being updated
  • Email newsletters that aren’t being sent
  • Partner landing pages that no longer exist

4. Track down and document all accounts and logins for your brand’s digital presence:

  • All things Google (Analytics, Google My Business, Ad accounts, etc.)
  • Social properties (admins/logins, ad accounts)
  • Domain (registrant, registrar, DNS)
  • Website (CMS admin, hosting, third-party plug-ins and integrations)

5. Review campaigns that have been on autopilot:

  • Is the targeting, creative, channel, and ad spend optimized for your current brand/portfolio priorities and the market climate?

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April 12, 2023

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