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Top Foodservice Marketing Questions, Answered – Part 1: Getting Strategic

Top Foodservice Marketing Questions, Answered – Part 1: Getting Strategic

Budgets are on the table for FY23. You have questions about growing your brand in the foodservice space. You’re not alone. Here are some of the most important questions that clients ask us when evaluating new allocations.

square orange What foodservice segment represents the greatest opportunity for our brand?

Begin by considering:

  • Pain points that can be solved by your product – and in what segments that pain is the greatest.
  • End-consumer visibility and whether retail awareness can drive pull-through demand.
  • Product format – Define your offerings in terms of culinary ingredient, grab-and-go product or star of the plate.

square orange How do we get our brand in front of chefs?

Meet them where they are. Use foodservice industry insights to uncover the most appropriate space for each target segment: tradeshows, internet search, industry pubs, etc.

square orange Is the chef the right audience?

It takes myriad roles to run a foodservice establishment, and those roles are shifting and being disrupted more than ever. It may very well be the chef who directs the ordering. Also consider restaurant owners, managers and franchisees in the commercial space. For non-commercial segments, think foodservice directors and registered dietician nutritionists.

square orange How do we get our brands top of mind for the foodservice purchaser?

A highly targeted brand awareness and demand-driving campaign will work hard to keep your brand in front of key operators and foodservice decision-makers.

square orange How do we get distributor reps to pay attention to our brand?

The short answer: Demonstrate meaningful differences and viable consumer/operator demand beyond what’s offered under private label. Equip DSRs with selling tools, content, insights and more. Force distribution by winning the brand loyalty of a high-volume customer.

square orange How do I prove the ROI of marketing in foodservice?

When done intentionally, advertising can deliver the best returns possible in business. Partner with an expert to build a strong case for a new investment. That includes identifying your business goals – and estimating the value of a new customer, close rates and more.

We’ve worked with clients for over 30 years doing exactly that. And we’ve seen how even making a small, strategic start can lead to greater sales opportunity in foodservice.

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November 18, 2022

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