WOMMnext 2014:Be Passionate, Human, and Remarkable...Be Social

I embarked on a most fortunate opportunity to attend the WOMMnext conference in Chicago last week. Still filled to the brim with inspiration and motivation, I’m also a little star-struck with the creative minds I met and engaged in conversation. There was so much great information in the jam-packed 3 days that my brain has needed the time to assess and organize. So here it is. My top 3 takeaways from the conference:

  1. Love what you do, and generate passion around clients and projects. The more you show your clients/followers that you love them, share content that is valuable, timely, and informative, the more they will feel touched on a human-to-human level. As marketers, we’re in the business of creating bonds with people. Whether that's through a brand, our words, or better - our actions - it's important to make sure anyone we communicate with knows we love and appreciate them. We are just as passionate about their well-being as our own. When those we touch feel like there’s a connection, they are more willing to advocate and support us in the long run. This then builds true, successful partnerships.
  2. It's not about social media, it's all about Advocacy. To Advocate is to support or promote the interests of another. People talk to people, NOT computers or brands. It has been proven that advocacy has a HUGE impact on business growth. It’s human instinct to turn to others for a recommendation on a brand or product. Let's really start creating conversations that are meaningful and transparent. Studies show that consumers will reject advertising messages, yet they relax when they feel we talk to them as friends. We need to begin talking with our audience, not at them.
  3. Everything must be mobile compatible from here on out. It’s estimated that 200 million devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. That's not that far away if you think about it!! If I can't access your information or content via my mobile device, I have no use for it and feel like there is no effort to reach me as an advocate. Laddering up to #2, advocacy is really important to business growth. We must be mobile!

Some of my NEW favorite word of mouth connoisseurs, Geno Church and John Moore from Brains On Fire, said it perfectly: "Know your customer, keep it simple, make it fun, and earn a laugh. If we create something that offers a remarkable experience, people will talk about it." WOMMnext was astounding and incredibly motivational. I am genuinely excited to share with our clients and network the great ideas that were passed along to us attendees. If you would like to chat further, follow me on twitter @kaitklein or @newhallklein. Let's start talking.

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