Cultivating a Brand: Farmers On The Move

This past year, Newhall Klein was given an incredible opportunity to help develop a brand from the ground up. We were approached by the MSU Product Center who was working with Farmers On The Move, a newly formed cooperative of Hispanic blueberry farmers in Michigan. When they came to NK, Farmers On The Move had a name, a few farms, and a vision for success – after we finished, they had a brand.

When you hear the word ‘brand,’ you may think of a cool logo, or a catchy tagline (don’t get me wrong, those are powerful components), but a brand is so much more than that. A brand is the visual, emotional, and psychological identity of a company. Whether it’s print, digital, or human touch points, everything is working together to form a (hopefully positive) relationship with customers – and the brand is the foundation of that relationship.

Our experience with Farmers On The Move started with heavy research and situation analysis – in other words, we asked a lot of questions: What’s the climate of the blueberry industry in Michigan and beyond? Who are the major players? How are they marketing themselves? What do consumers and retailers look for in a blueberry brand and supplier? Who are our target audiences?

Through it all, we determined that Farmers On The Move, like any good brand, needed a story. As it turns out, many family-owned farms are falling by the wayside as the younger generations lose interest in the family business – as a result, large amounts of farmland are being sold to the highest bidder. Farmers On The Move represents a new generation of family farmers, who not only provide high quality, local produce, but who are also helping to preserve our farmland.


With research to back us, and a story to build on, we set out to solidify the Farmers On The Move brand. Projects included designing and developing the logo, packaging, website, Facebook page, sales material, POS displays, marketing plan, membership marketing plan, and more. Because we were starting from scratch, we didn’t need to worry about any preconceived opinions of the brand or existing visual elements to incorporate, which was liberating from both a design and strategic standpoint.

In the end, NK established the framework of a strong retail brand. As with all of our clients, the continuation of their identity is fulfilled not only with our expertise and support, but by their own dedication to truly live the Farmers On The Move brand.

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