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A fresh take on frozen


NORPAC Foods knows how to stand out. As a leading farmer-cooperative and processor of quality vegetable and fruit products, NORPAC has a history of “firsts.” First to poly-pack frozen vegetables. First to offer “value-added” vegetable blends. In a marketing space where first impressions mean everything, NK came aboard to create an ad campaign with real stopping power.


Explore and prioritize key selling points of the Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetables line. Create an effective, memorable ad campaign targeted to foodservice professionals, from headline creation to custom photography. Launch with a full-page print ad, and extend across various media channels as needed.


We began with a very good problem, discovering more benefits to Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetables than a single image or headline could encompass. And as happens when our inner engines rev, we generated more initial ideas than a page could hold. Along with the outpouring of concept options here in the NK brainstorm room, at our desks, or, rather, in the shower, late at night and on the ride in, we quickly set to work refining our strategy. Polar bears? Tumbling broccoli spears? A woman noshing on a pepper plant? Some ideas made it to client review. Others simply spurred us in a new direction or cleared the creative air to help us begin once again. Here are a few of our favorites.nk-casestudy-norpac-concept-illustrations


After the strategic & creative exploration phase, our cast of main characters came to light: Fresh taste, front and center. Inner beauty, at a glance. Plus convenience, nutritional integrity, overall quality and culinary appeal woven into the overall story. A message to resonate most effectively with foodservice professionals, and create the strongest opportunity for differentiation.


In short this was a study in juxtaposition: A frozen vegetable that performs like fresh. The final headline, “A fresh take on frozen,” invites customers to rethink the frozen veg category as a whole, and NORPAC’s value proposition in particular. Gorgeous photography conveys both the superior taste and visual appeal of these culinary blends. The staging portrays freshness breaking out of the ice. Breaking the mold of common thought. Thanks to a few tricks of the trade (and finding just the right ice sculptor), the approved image captures the desired essence, beautifully.



At launch, the ad earned a Top 5 AdProbe™ Score for Noticeability and Information Content (study conducted by Signet Research, Inc. on behalf of Foodservice Director magazine). The campaign has been effectively extended to digital banner ads and e-mail campaigns. Expect more to come.

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  • Monday, August 04, 2014.

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