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Brand Experience Plan

If your foodservice marketing program feels a bit like a wall of dart boards and you’re firing at random, you need an experience plan. If you’re constantly going to battle for marketing funds because you struggle to communicate the success of any one element of your program, you need an experience plan. If you’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of marketing opportunities, channels through which you can communicate, or the allocation of resources to produce real results, you need an experience plan.
It’s the optimal way of aligning with your stakeholders on priorities, staying organized, and feeling confident about the order in which you activate.

A solid experience plan will:

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Help identify clear objectives, strategic priorities, and tactical considerations for activation, establishing both a short-term and long-term vision and plan and illustrating how objectives can change based on performance
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Organize the ideal marketing and channel mix (including the role of the sales function and sales enablement!) to meet the target audience needs and inspire intended audience action
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Consider critical resources needed to conduct quality work, including time, budget, and scale or scope
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Communicate strategic content pillars, from which to drive original content creation as part of a broader distribution plan
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Construct an Owned, Paid, and Earned integrated marketing and distribution plan (OPE) for holistic customer experience design

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Identify key rally points and campaign lenses through which to activate OPE plan

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Prioritize activation components and guide activation teams on the order in which to execute against critical dependencies
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Consider strategic partnerships with influencers and relevant networks, as well as publishers
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Advise on important integrations with Sales and CRM initiatives
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Outline key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
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Influence momentum mapping, to assist in the specific order in which to activate against strategic priorities and tactical plans