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Krusteaz Chocolate Drip
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Krusteaz Ready to Bake Batters

meets the old pain points.

For chefs short on labor, even baking from a mix can be too much. Yet the demand for America’s favorite baked goods keeps rising.

Krusteaz Professional came to us with a novel solution that chefs needed to know about.

Pourable, from the fridge, batter in a bag.

Batter Bags

We carved out a way to say it all succinctly.
With the benefits loud and clear.

No time to bake?
It's in the bag

A culinary solution for chefs, by chefs. Knowing that fresh-baked is something you can’t fake.

Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey

A paid media campaign targeted foodservice prospectives where they were already looking. From social media spaces to top trade publications.

Krusteaz SmartPhone
Krusteaz SmartPhone

  • 350% increase in daily website traffic
  • 25.6% increase in daily organic search traffic on website
  • Engagement rates on ads outperforming benchmarks by up to 5x

Securing qualified lead gen
through the campaign’s digital home.


Sparking conversation, sampling and conversion at tradeshows.


Keeping Ready to Bake Batters top of mind through actionable, engaging content.

  • 150+ leads/month generated

Putting practical solutions
in the hands of operators.

Batter Guide
Batter Guide