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Pasta Montana

Pasta Montana

Awakening a sense of
place around quality pasta.

Pasta Montana

Pasta Montana

Awakening a sense of place around quality pasta.

Reimagining a legacy brand.

Costa Pasta is known to restaurateurs as the highest quality domestic pasta brand, backed by world class service. They needed to bring the parent company, Pasta Montana, to the forefront and communicate their quality story to a wider audience of foodservice buyers and architect the brand for targeted expansion.

Beginning with expansive storytelling.

We built a strategic messaging platform around the idea that you don’t have to cross the Mediterranean to find the place where world-class pasta is made.

Owning the field-to-table, more local story for sourcing and menuing premium pasta.

Leaning into Montana as a differentiator and premier location for quality pasta on par with the best imports.

Pasta is home.
And it’s bigger than Italy.


old logo

Exploring an evocative
new identity.


Pasta Montana

Paired with photography that zooms in on quality and conveys an unmistakable sense of place.


Leading to a whole new
brand experience.

Drawing on iconic clean lines that speak to process sophistication and elevate the category.

logo chart

Resulting in a website that immediately
draws buyers in.

With a rich user experience that holds their attention.
  • Seamless UX
  • Structured for SEO
  • Fully searchable, user-centric content
smart phone

Mobile-first experience design

Product organization that makes it easy for buyers to find what they need


“It’s refreshing to have such a small distance between the agency and our vision. NK clearly has the expertise and resources to get us to a level of visibility we had not previously experienced.”

Jeffrey Root, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Pasta Montana