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Successful retail brand transitions to foodservice

Dairy-free alternative ingredients have rarely held up in a commercial kitchen, not in the eyes of the serious chef.

So once Ripple started gaining traction in retail, it came time to demonstrate its viability in the foodservice space. As a critical ingredient, not just a bottled product for allergen-free needs.

First, we had to overcome the perception that no dairy alternative could do what traditional dairy does in the commercial kitchen.

Our foodservice buyer needed proof. Needed to see for themselves that Ripple could hold up, behave just as dairy would. So we took the product to task.

Next we created valuable content and helped distribute effective communications to buyers.


Then set up a lead-gen sampling campaign. Built out branded elements that spoke to the foodservice buyer while leaning into the equity it already had.


Since launch, the campaign has seen a 14.8% Sample Request Conversion Rate amongst targeted audiences. And over 100 qualified leads per month.

Finally, dairy free done right.