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Ripple Soft Serve

Changing minds about
dairy-free soft serve in foodservice.

From product innovation
to 3MM brand impressions
in only 3 months.


Texture & taste.

Two known barriers to operators confidently serving dairy-free soft serve. Traditionally, replacements for cow’s milk have always tasted … well … kind of off.

Years of clumsy options that didn’t come anywhere close to performing like real ice cream had turned chefs off to the idea entirely. No dairy-free product could replace cow’s milk in the kitchen.


Until Ripple developed its remarkably dairy-like frozen dessert bases that allowed chefs to create without compromise

and partnered with NK to generate leads, build brand relevance and increase product awareness.

Having had success in retail,

the CPG brand needed to push for further growth in foodservice channels – including commercial and non-commercial segments.

Changing minds
one scoop at a time.

make way for the creamiest

Securing inbound
lead generation

with a comprehensive paid media campaign.

Brand impressions crossed
3MM in only 3 months

2.9x increase in organic search traffic YoY

CTRs are exceeding benchmark MoM

150+ lead conversions
make way for ripple