Cobblestreet MKT.™

Cobblestreet MKT.™

Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA) is the largest network of independently operated foodservice distributors in the U.S. They sharpen the competitive edge of their members by providing expanded purchasing power and access to highly effective exclusive brands.

To that end, IMA targeted their deli brand for a reinvigoration. The fresh rebranding reflects the tastes of consumers today, and positions operators to take a bigger bite of the $28 billion* sandwich category.


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Strategic Drive

From the beginning, it was obvious that foodservice operators in the deli segment can’t afford to ignore the quality of their ingredients. Even the biggest chains known to cut corners for convenience are now touting clean label initiatives.

Further research and insights honed key threats that would ultimately drive our creative work to help members differentiate their product offerings.

  • An increasing number of retail outlets offer take-home meals along with groceries and other goods
  • 73% of menus offer sandwiches**
  • Consumer demand for prepared grab-n-go foods is on the rise
  • There is great consumer interest in innovative, fresh, portable and high-quality food and beverages

csm old and new logo

New Identity

The streamlined brand name and identity reflect a modern, urban sensibility that says loud and clear that IMA changes with the times and helps operators change, too. The design simplicity also lends itself to strong presentation across three quality tiers and a variety of applications from store signage to packaging.

Overall, the brand update reflects trends in out-of-home dining and helps operators better answer consumer demand for fresh convenience, customizable appeal, and authenticity.

csm packaging

Packaging Design System

Cobblestreet MKT.™ provides nearly 300 deli staples from classically prepared meats and cheeses to scratch-quality soups and kosher pickles.

Vast choices can be a costly distraction for operators that need to focus with clarity on product solutions for a slew of applications. IMA provides such product clarity with a good/better/best system, which has come to life under the brand refresh with a distinct yet complementary look for each of the three quality tiers, from value to premium.

Packaging Production

Once the design system was established, we brought it to life across a breadth of products and packaging substrates. This work lies at the intersection of the technical and creative mindset, which is a sweet spot for us at NK. In our office you could spot regular huddles among representatives in the creative, packaging production, account management and quality control worlds. The results speak to this level of collaboration. Each design stays true to the overarching brand identity, while ensuring competitive standing within each particular product category, from deli meats and prepared salads to grab-and-go snack bags.

csm brandstandards

Brand Standards

To help the multiple member-stakeholders who would be selling and owning the new Cobblestreet MKT.™ brand, we laid down the guardrails for consistent brand application in a beautifully clear guide. The brand standards cover everything from the identity itself to marketing and packaging systems.

csm tradeshow

Tradeshow Graphics

This brand relaunch was the gem of the food show. We made sure that the Cobblestreet MKT.™ spokespeople were armed with a show-stopping backdrop to build excitement around the customer experience and increase overall sales of the brand.

csm full deli

Retail Marketing Support

We helped operators tempt diners and drive sales with an array of in-deli marketing support pieces that combine a fresh, urban design aesthetic with mouthwatering photography and impactful messaging.

  • Customizable table tents
  • Customizable deli case cards
  • Shelf liners
  • Ceiling hangers
  • Static clings
  • Pop-up banners
  • Deli paper and branded stickers
  • Promotional items

Brand Video

Why say it when you can show it? This short and impactful video is a must-see for operators, and a must-have for the sales force that needs to capture the operator’s attention in a matter of minutes.

csm pos

Category Point-of-Sale

The new sell sheets for the top categories are not only beautiful, but they quickly communicate how each product line can work to the advantage of the operator in today’s competitive marketplace. We shot custom photography that drove the storytelling, weaving together brand positioning, features and benefits, trends, practical tips and menu applications that help operators make smart decisions to benefit their business.

csm customer experience guide

Customer Experience Guide

We armed the sales force with a concise blueprint of how to build an intentional customer experience at trade shows and beyond. This guide addresses the need for multiple stakeholders in multiple locations to convey the right brand “feel” in conversation with potential customers in their brand presentation.

Csm Deli1
Csm Deli2
Csm Deli3
Csm Deli4
Csm Deli5
Csm Deli6

Custom Brand Photography

*Technomic, 2017
**Datassential, 2018

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