Greif is a global leader in industrial packaging products and services – from steel drums to paper packaging. CorrChoice, a division of Greif, is a manufacturer of corrugated sheets, coatings and specialty packaging products. NK worked with CorrChoice on a rebranding strategy that served to consolidate their individually branded specialty products under the trusted CorrChoice name and better position CorrChoice as a one-stop solution for a range of completely customizable products in the packaging industry.


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Discovery and Insight

The NK brand development process began with discovery workshops with subject matter experts from CorrChoice. Through these conversations, we arrived at our key Reasons to Believe in the CorrChoice brand that would drive all creative decisions: customer service, speed to market, investment in equipment and breadth of product range.

corrchoice Laptop

A New Look

The updated brand identity carries the Greif corporate green to create stronger ties to the parent brand and also reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The letter forms are simple and strong, and their rounded shapes mirror the fluting pattern of a corrugated sheet.

corrchoice before after logo

Humanizing the Brand

New photography assets highlight the people who make CorrChoice great while also showcasing the company’s state-of-the-art equipment and specialty product offering.


corrchoice folder

Messaging That Sells

As with many NK clients in the B2B manufacturing space, our role is to equip the sales team with the tools and messaging that they need to be successful. A compelling brand messaging system like we achieved for CorrChoice brings consistency, clarity and actionability to every execution of the brand – from a new brochure and sell sheet system, to a fully responsive website design and trade show displays.  

corrchoice flyers

corrchoice watermelon banners

corrchoice Bflute

corrchoice web

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