The Kalamazoo Wings (K-Wings) is a professional hockey organization with longstanding ties to the Kalamazoo community. Affiliated with the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, the K-Wings feature the NHL players of tomorrow and deliver an exciting professional sports experience in Kalamazoo. While the K-Wings organization has been known for its passionate fan base, ticket sales and brand perceptions were in need of a boost.

To that end, the K-Wings have substantially improved upon the fan experience in and around the stadium over the last several years, and they continue to deliver a high-quality, winning team on the ice. NK was tasked with making sure people knew about all that the K-Wings organization has to offer today.


  • Branding
  • Media
  • Photography
  • Print


Develop creative strategy, themes, select supporting assets and graphics toolkits for marketing communications campaigns in 2017, 2018 and 2019 that delivered on the following:

  • Positively influence the community’s perception of the team by representing them as a professional, thrilling sports experience
  • Build excitement around the upcoming season
  • Encourage trial amongst the target audience – get new people into the stadium for the first time


kwings starts here

Creative Strategy

Your Moment. Your K-Wings.

The “Your Moment. Your K-Wings” campaign concept engages fans through exciting, action-oriented messaging and visuals. A vibrant new twist on the K-Wings’ iconic red and blue color scheme draws the eye in, while heroic player treatments get fans excited and the bold type treatment drives the message home.


K-Wings Hero
K-Wings Posters
K-Wings Billboard
K-Wings Facebook
K-Wings Instagram

2019 Campaign Select Executions

  • K-Wings Hero Graphic
  • K-Wings Posters
  • K-Wings Billboard
  • K-Wings Facebook
  • K-Wings Instagram


From cherished childhood memories to the thrill of an overtime winning goal, the K-Wings have been sparking unforgettable moments in the lives of fans for over 45 years. The “Your Moment Starts Here” commercials bring these moments to the forefront in a high-energy spot that balances elements of the K-Wings’ storied legacy with the emotion, passion and excitement found at every K-Wings game today. The flexible end cards allow for individualized home game promotions.
  • :30, :15, and :06 versions
Every hockey game has its own story. The fan experience is fueled by moments of breathtaking excitement, unbridled joy, devastating disappointment, unlikely comebacks and otherworldly feats of athleticism. Our “Rewind” concept tells the story of the game, but in reverse. We see quick cuts of exciting action on the ice – passionate fans cheering on the home team, two couples having a fun night out, and Slappy pumping up the crowd – resolving on the “It Starts Here” campaign message at the beginning of the game. The flexible end cards allow for individualized home game promotions.
  • :60, :30, and :15 versions



17% increase in YoY attendance
(2nd highest increase in the league) in 2017-18 (per attendance stats on echl.com, 4/18/18) – an average of 392 additional fans at every home game.


“Our home opener was the most highly attended since the Reagan Administration!”
– Toni Daniels, Business Operations Director, Kalamazoo Wings in 2017

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