Kalamazoo Anesthesiology

Kalamazoo Anesthesiology

Kalamazoo Anesthesiology and KA Pain Consultants are the region’s leading perioperative and pain management providers. Though widely known and respected in the field, their campaign to further reach and influence demanded some fresh thinking and a new brand identity – one positioning them as a solidly unified organization with one promise and one character. In an industry that’s often hidden in plain sight, our charge was to make their brand visible, dynamic and distinctly motivating to employees and clients alike.

NK worked with KA to develop an entirely new brand identity, custom messaging platform, and a spectrum of communications pieces that delivered on their objectives.


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ka namebadge

Comprehensive Discovery

Through an intensive discovery process, we interviewed, surveyed and conducted focus groups with the broadest spectrum of leadership and staff, even drawing on the perspectives of surgeons, patients and institutional partners. The result? An unparalleled understanding rich with detail and themes, that provided for a transformed brand story and promise.

A New Promise, A Rejuvenated Story

“Improving Outcomes. Transforming Lives.”

This new brand promise leverages KA’s industry stature and leadership and unveils a pivotal truth that sets it apart from competitors: a pure and unwavering devotion to improving outcomes and transforming the lives of patients and practitioners, employees and stakeholders — and even the community itself.

A New Messaging Platform

Based on that insight, we constructed an entirely new messaging platform, “Unmasking Excellence”, to shine a light on the true engine of KA’s tremendous success: its people. Under this banner, a consistent flow of new brand content spotlights real KA employees – the people behind the surgical masks – who fulfill the promise and embody the brand story each and every day.

ka old logos

Before rebrand: Two related organizations with no unifying voice and an outmoded approach


ka logo hierarchy
Rebranded: One unified organization with two divisions and a bold, contemporary identity


A Distinctive Logo Mark

With the groundwork laid, KA needed a logo mark that would mirror its newly unified promise and mission, while still allowing both divisions, Kalamazoo Anesthesiology and KA Pain Consultants, to identify independently.

The simplified moniker, ‘KA’, and subsequent brand mark provide a perfect cornerstone for both entities. The sturdy indigo block reflects strength and professional reliability, while the rounded lower case type beams approachability – like the good ‘bedside manner’ so crucial to good medicine. Paired with strong supporting type for Kalamazoo Anesthesiology and KA Pain Consultants, this new mark forms the backbone of a thoroughly modern and flexible visual identity.

ka conference

KA Brochure
KA Brochure
KA Brochure
KA Brochure
KA Notebook
KA Pen

Brand Summit Collateral Signifies an Evolution

The new KA brand was unveiled to employees and stakeholders during a companywide “Brand Summit.” This event presented attendees with a comprehensive view into the rebranding process and leadership’s vision for the company, marking a transition from the old identity to a brand built for the future. Several pieces of collateral were created exclusively for this event, including the keynote presentation, a brand guidebook and newly minted pens, name tags and notebooks.

ka website mobile

KA Website Refresh

The new KA website serves as the central KA brand communications platform for all stakeholder groups. The new KA brand identity and “Unmasking Excellence” messaging platform drive content for the public facing site, while a robust employee login area serves a variety of functional needs for KA employees.

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